Gingko Amber Crystal Light (Solar System)

(Made by: Gingko Design)

  • £49.00


Let the light shine with our beautiful crystal lighting ball featuring a 3D laser-engraved Solar System design.

This unique motif is a beautiful representation of the universe and its vast depths. It highlights the interconnectedness between all tings in our world as well as the beauty of the stars and planets. This lamp will create an atmosphere of mystery and awe, reminding you to look up at night and appreciate how small you are compared to the grandiosity of the universe. The golden glow will make any room appear brighter and more inviting, with the detailed image adding a touch of mysticism. 

The crystal ball piece sits on an natural walnut wood base providing you the option to switch between three light intensity levels by touching the copper bottom on the front of the base. This is also fitted with a rechargeable battery that can keep your space illuminated for 16 hours, the USB-C port in the back makes for easy charging


Tech and Specs:

  • Product Material: FSC certified walnut wood base with premium non-fragile 3D laser printed Solar System design
  • 3 light temperature available
  • Battery Life: 10-96 hours
  • LED colour: temperature: 2900K-3100K
  • Power Output: 2.0 Watts
  • Power Input: DC5V 0.5A
  • Power Source: 2000MAH Li-on 804050 rechargeable battery
  • Product Size: 80mm Width x95mm High or 3.15" diameter x 3.74" high
  • Product Weight: 756g or 1.67lbs
  • Available Designs: Solar System, Dandelions, Saturn

  • UK Designed
  • Adds a touch of magic and wonder to your space.

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